Jewell Animal Hospital, P.C. - Rescue One 'til Shelters Have None...
In order to care for our homeless pets, run our adoption program, and offer low cost services, we are always in DIRE need of the following items to be donated: (listed in order of GREATEST NEED)
Thank you for your services that you provided for the 5 dogs we took in from the puppy mill rescue in Missouri.
We appreciate your willingness to help us out with the discount rates you offered and services provided.
We will keep your information in case the need arises again.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Prairie Paws Rescue
Jamestown, ND
To all my friends at Jewell Animal Hosital....
Just to let you know.......
Two years ago I adopted Coco (aka Hailey) from you..........3 weeks ago she started having trouble walking and no spare the details......she progressively got worse......after many trips to the vet and a 3 day stay at Angell Memorial Animal Hospital.....with many tests, needles, and was determined she has severe kidney failure....among other things......after much crying and grieving I (along with the vets) have decided to put her down......I brought her home last night and I'm hoping the vet can come to the house today so she will not have to go to a clinic ever again.......
Please know that she was a very loved took her a few months to come around...but she eventually became a very happy dog.....I never took her for a walk when people did not stop to comment on how cute she was.....she got so much petting from strangers that she eventually would go up to people expecting attention!
She was the greatest gift I have ever received I thank you so much for giving her to me......
I will always love her .......and always carry her in my heart...
Janet M. of Boston, MA
Cindy E.
of Story City, IA
"Hi Lisa, 
Let me know if these came through ok.  Lola is doing her best impression of E.T. in this photo.  (She was chilly this particular day so I wrapped her in a baby blanket)
The photo of Chemise was tough to get as she is constantly on the move!
Thanks again for all you do for these dogs.  They're very lucky to have you there for them."
Christy J. of Peke N Chin Midwest Rescue in Thief River Falls, MN
"Hi to everyone,
We just wanted to send another picture of Koda so you can see how he is growing.  He and Blossom, our other cat, play and play and play!  Koda LOVES to play with water.  Whenever someone goes in the bathroom, he runs in and jumps in the sink.  Then, we turn on the faucet so that there is a stream running, and he plays with that stream of water.  We have a spiral staircase, and also another enclosed stairway to the upstairs.  Koda and Blossom will run up and down the stairs.
Happy Holidays!"
Wendy and Ray R. of IA
“Thank you so much for the donation to NEADS in Carson's memory.  What a kind and comforting gesture which we certainly appreciate.  NEADS is a most worthwhile and important cause.  Than you again for this expression of sympathy.”
Bruce & Marie J. of Jewell, IA
"Lisa, Miguel, and Jill,  Buddy is a very sweet soul.  Thank you for saving his life and caring for him all those months so he could find his way to me.  He is just what I needed - he has brought much joy, laughter, and peace to my life!  I know it was difficult for all of you to let him go but I promise that he will have a warm, loving home for the rest of his life.  I thought this picture was a good one so I wanted to send you a copy."
Linda K. of Des Moines, IA
“Dear Dr. Lisa & Staff, Thank you so much for letting us visit the animal hospital!  The kids thought it was great!  Thanks again, for fitting us in your busy schedule!”
Little Friends Preschool, Jewell, IA
"I want to thank you for your efforts with Maggie.  She was in good hands and with good people.  I thank you too for your collective sensitivity with me...I couldn't have asked for more compassion.  You made a difficult day as smooth as it could be.  Thank you so much!"
Linda W. of Jewell, IA
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. we can't say it enough. We have changed Polly's name to Allie. When we first brought her home, she was like an "allie gator" slithering around the hard wood floors snapping at Jenny's ankles. She has brought so much joy to our home. Yes, you were right she is full of energy and can run like the wind with her new sister. We bring her 2 days a week for socialization to a day care where they play all day with other dogs and the employees there LOVE her. All are amazed at how she gets around. She just won an award for the Halloween costume contest, she was captain hook! We could not be happier. Thank you all so much for giving her a chance, I do believe it was fate that got me on the computer that day when I found her on your website. It was a long wait in trying to get her with the cold weather but the wait was well worth it. She is a dream!"
Chrissy and Blair of Chelmsford, MA
 (Polly came from a shelter that was going to euthanize her because she had a leg deformity requiring amputation...Jewell Animal Hospital performed the surgery for free, and found her a loving forever home in Massachusetts.)
"Thank you for making a difference in the lives of these animals and helping us keep the promise to the victims of the hurricanes that their precious pets would be placed in loving and caring forever homes.  Thank you!
Traci R. of Des Moines, IA
"Thank you for everything you have done for us and especially for Ginger.  Please use this donation to help you continue the work you do saving dogs and cats.  May God bless you and your staff in your endeavors."
Dennis and Joan S. of Webster City, IA
"Thank you for all of the school supplies you donated to South Hamilton Elementary this year!  It was very generous of you.  We are always so grateful to community members like you who are so willing to help out those in need.  Thanks again!"
South Hamilton Elementary School, Jewell, IA
"Thank you for letting me job shadow with you.  I had a great time, and I learned a lot.  It was really interesting.  Thanks
Katie G. of Jewell, IA
"Thank you so much for talking to our rabbit group!  We really appreciate it!"
Hamilton County Rabbit Club
"Thank you for helping me make my dog first-aid kit.  I didn't thank you earlier so I thought this would be the perfect way to do it.  I also want to say that what you are doing now in the gulf is awesome!!  I think it is great you are so willing to help all of those animals.  Thanks again for all of your help. What you do is worth a mint."
Jessica S. of Jewell